Will Humphreys is a physical therapist dedicated to teaching medical professionals the business side of healthcare. His passion lies teaching PTs learning to lead and launch their own private practices and landing their PT dream jobs. He is also CEO of In The Black Billing, a company that exclusively helps PT practices increase their income, impact, and freedom.

Will explains that landing your dream job is possible but it comes with branding yourself as a physical therapist. He provides the tricks to to drop your mic when interviewing for your dream job.

Starting a billing company for physical therapists, he provides the fatal flaws of PT practice billing. He explains the techniques to keep you “in the black” while growing your practice.

Gain your healthy dose of financial therapy with In The Black. Learn more of Will’s tricks on his Youtube Channel The Profitable Provider. Listen to his previous episode with us about his story becoming a PT.

Recommended books this episode – Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller, Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss.


48:09 “Be mindful of what you bring to the table in terms of value.” – Will Humphreys