Will Humphreys is a physical therapist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Will coaches business owners and physical therapists across the country to his knowledge and belief of profitability. If you thought that was all, Will created a medical billing and consulting company called In the Black this past April.

Will tells us about the events he endured to ultimately choose his path in physical therapy and becoming a physical therapist.

Will goes further in how his past has shaped who he is today and describes the entrepreneur’s mindset: learn, endure, and lead. He discusses the difficulty starting his company Rise Rehab back in 2003 but mentions that even though that was the most difficult situation he had to endure, it is possible with work. In 2018, Rise merged with now Empower Physical Therapy.

He gives us a clear understanding on what “profitability unlocks possibility” means and how this benefits the entrepreneur and current physical therapists.

One topic Will coaches about is the 5 Pillars of Profitability:

1.       Reliability and transparency

2.       Consistency

3.       Efficiency

4.       Stability

5.       Predictability

Will has created a YouTube channel to assist business owners, PTs, new graduates, and students on success in our industry. Take a listen here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd9MwDrfXzXbDjnEqRCW8wA

Will describes to us the Core Four (heart, mind, body, spirit) and how he believes working on yourself everyday leads to success.