In this episode of PT Pintcast, we dive into the challenges new graduate physical therapists face on their first day on the job. Join us as we discuss the expectations, realities, and coping strategies for managing patient load and integrating into clinic culture.

Main Topic/Theme:

    • Navigating the challenges faced by new grad physical therapists on their first day, including managing patient load and understanding clinic culture.

Key Points Discussed:

    • Balancing the expectations of being a licensed therapist versus being a new graduate.

    • Strategies for handling multiple new patient evaluations on the first day.

    • The importance of understanding and fitting into the clinic’s culture.

    • Real-life examples and experiences from seasoned physical therapists.

    • Potential solutions for burnout and job dissatisfaction among physical therapists.

Special Guests:

    • Tony Maritato, PT

    • Dave Kittel, PT


“If you’re not ready to treat patients on day one, but you want full pay on day one, we need to figure this out.”

“The better you educate someone, the better they’re going to perform in the beginning anyway.”

“Find a problem that everybody’s looking at and saying, ‘not my problem,’ and solve that problem.”