The University of South Carolina Physical Therapy live with Robyn Culbertson, Kaci Handlery, and Reed Handlery.

Robyn Culbertson

Robyn Culbertson is a 3rd year DPT student at the University of South Carolina. After a 15-year career in magazine writing, editing and graphic design, she came to PT school in order to better fill the needs of her triathlon coaching clients and was surprised to find herself drawn to geriatrics. She’s the current APTA Student Assembly liaison to PTNow and she volunteers with NeXT at the YMCA and Yoga for Everyone, two community-based classes that strive to make fitness accessible to people of all abilities.

We talked about Coming to PT after careers in journalism, triathlons, Geriatrics & volunteerism and being involved with APTA on a national level.

Reed Handlery

Reed of House Handlery, first of his name, was born in California but raised in the plains of Illinois. Growing up Reed played everything from hacky-sack to rugby, though he wasn’t great at either one. He married his high school sweetheart in 2012, the same year they moved to South Carolina for Kaci to begin PT school. With gentle prodding from Kaci, Reed switched career paths from strength and conditioning to PT and began at USC a year behind Kaci. After taking a year off to practice, Reed is currently in the first year of pursuing his PhD in rehabilitation sciences, again at USC. Reed was on a mediocre reality TV show and is currently training for a 24 hour obstacle race. -The role of PT in primary prevention and wellness -Volunteering and giving a hoot -PTs with PhDs, why? -Teaching in a DPT program

Kaci Handlery

Kaci Handlery. My husband and I come as an action-packed, PT package deal! We love to mountain bike, bungee jump (highest bungee jump from a bridge in the world!), run obstacle course races, and hike with our two dogs. Personally, I earned my bachelors degree at Indiana State University as a scholarship track and field athlete and earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of South Carolina. Now, over two years later I have served as a research physical therapist, acute care physical therapist, and most recently as an adjunct faculty member within USC’s physical therapy program. Acute Care Physical Therapy Trauma, Trauma ICU therapy Emergency Department therapy Adjunct faculty – love to teach Research physical therapist at the University of South Carolina.

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