We talked to Rich Westrick of the Tactical Athlete SIG along with his co-presenters: Julie Collier, Casey Stoneberger, Kaitlin Vail, and Kristen Wilburn.

Their session addressed the role of sports physical therapists working with various types of tactical athletes, focusing on how PTs across the country can develop similar programs. Physical therapists who currently work with firefighters, law enforcement, and military personnel will discuss the physical demands placed on tactical athletes, common musculoskeletal conditions, and related variables that rehabilitation professionals need to consider when working with this population. The speakers discussed specific examples of PTs working with tactical athletes to enhance readiness and performance, including the Fairfax County Fire Department Wellfit Center, Idaho State University’s Center for Tactical Athlete Performance, and the US Army’s Performance Triad and Holistic Health and Fitness programs.

Learning Objectives:

1. Define the role of physical therapy in tactical athlete populations.

2. Discuss the physical demands of tactical occupations and the similarities and differences between tactical and “traditional” athletes.

3. Evaluate the unique rehabilitation considerations for firefighter, law enforcement, and military tactical athletes.

4. Analyze the requirements to develop tactical athlete health, wellness, and performance programs.