Barb shares her experiences juggling being a professor, journal editor-in-chief, and treating patients while finding joy in her students’ and former athletes’ successes. We discuss trends in the physical therapy field she’s noticed, including shifts in injury prevention language, new therapies like blood flow restriction, and global research development efforts. Barb also provides insight into the distinct yet complementary roles of athletic trainers and physical therapists. Join us for a look inside the evolving world of physical therapy from Barb’s unique multifaceted perspective. FROM ATI Physical Therapy Have you ever thought about where your career in physical therapy could take you? It’s not just about the job; it’s about making real connections that help patients get better faster. Imagine working somewhere you can grow through mentorship, and get leadership training that matters. Sounds like a place you’d fit right in? Click to find out more about what working with ATI is really like. Let’s grow and learn together!