Dive into an inspiring discussion with Kayla Roche, Clinic Director at ATI PT and a passionate physical therapist, who shares her journey from being a student to opening and managing a brand-new clinic. This episode is packed with insights on navigating the PT world, achieving work/life balance, and the importance of continuing education in the physical therapy field.


Episode Highlights:

  • Path to PT Leadership: Kayla talks about her ascent within the physical therapy world, from her initial steps as a student to becoming a clinic director. She outlines the challenges and milestones of opening a new clinic and how she shaped its development and management.
  • Work/Life Balance: Explore the autonomy and flexibility of outpatient physical therapy, from scheduling to stress management strategies. Kayla shares her personal approach to balancing professional responsibilities with personal time, including her use of PTO and “Be Well” time.
  • Continuing Education: Delving into the evolution of continuing education within ATI PT, Kayla emphasizes its role in professional growth. She shares advice for new grads on navigating continuing education without feeling overwhelmed and highlights the benefits of both formal courses and volunteering experiences.


Key Takeaways:

  • Insights into why outpatient physical therapy offers a rewarding career path.
  • Common pitfalls for new graduates in the PT field and strategies for internal growth.
  • The significance of personal well-being and stress management in a demanding career.
  • An overview of continuing education opportunities at ATI and how they support career advancement.


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