Dr. Winston Kennedy, an Assistant Professor, researcher, clinician, and public health advocate based at Northeastern University. This episode sheds light on the crucial role of physical therapy in public health, social justice in healthcare, and disability advocacy, guided by Dr. Kennedy’s expertise and his unique approach to tackling societal issues with a team mindset, reminiscent of his days as a collegiate athlete.


Episode Highlights:

  • Public Health and Physical Therapy: Explore the intersection of physical therapy and public health, understanding its significance and how PTs can contribute to broader health initiatives.
  • Social Justice in Healthcare: Delve into the disparities in health and quality of care, discussing the importance of social justice in health professional education and how it shapes patient care and community health.
  • Advocacy for Disability Rights: Listen to Dr. Kennedy’s personal journey into disability advocacy, what advocacy entails, and how individuals can engage and make a difference in promoting accessibility and equity.
  • Beyond the Norm: A surprising twist on Dr. Kennedy’s background as a hip-hop dance instructor during his PT school days, highlighting the diverse interests and talents health professionals can bring to their work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insights into how physical therapy plays a pivotal role in advancing public health goals and ensuring equitable access to healthcare.
  • Understanding the impact of social and health disparities and the vital role of education in fostering a more just healthcare system.
  • Practical advice for getting involved in disability advocacy and contributing to meaningful change in society.
  • Dr. Kennedy’s anecdotes, emphasize the multifaceted nature of health professionals.

Guest Contact Information:

  • Dr. Winston Kennedy, Assistant Professor, and Public Health Physical Therapist
  • Instagram: @thetribe_lab