In this episode of PT Pintcast, titled “Breakfast Club PT,” we get into the intricacies of growing a physical therapy practice and the nuances of patient care. The discussion features Tony Maritato and Dave Kittle, both renowned for their significant contributions to the PT field through their YouTube channels and podcasts.

Key Learning Points:

Expanding a PT Practice: Insights into when and how to shift gears in a physical therapy business, balancing personal commitments and professional growth.
The Power of Diverse Opinions: A live call with Michael Derry highlights the value of differing perspectives in making informed decisions.
Harnessing Digital Platforms: Strategies for leveraging YouTube and Google Reviews to enhance practice visibility and credibility.
Actionable Advice:

Consider both employee and independent contractor models when expanding your team.
Embrace digital tools for marketing, including patient-generated video content versus traditional Google reviews.
Guest Expertise:

Tony Maritato: Specializes in mobile and concierge physical therapy, offering insights into business model nuances.
Dave Kittle: Focuses on patient acquisition and leveraging digital platforms for practice growth.