In this dynamic live episode of PT Pintcast, hosted by Jimmy McKay at Sacred Heart University, we embark on a transformative journey through the multifaceted world of physical therapy.


Four distinguished guests – 

Tom Barcia, Joanne Johnson Krasnow, Patrick Buckley, and Lindsey Schilberg – bring their unique insights and groundbreaking approaches to the forefront.

Tom Barcia, a Clinical Director at Spear Physical Therapy, shares his wisdom on new grad challenges, the importance of mentorship, and maintaining well-being.







Joanne Johnson Krasnow, an adjunct professor and seasoned physical therapist, enlightens us on integrative therapy in rehabilitation, the power of mindfulness, and the art of Myofascial Release.

 Entrepreneur Patrick Buckley, owner of Dynamic Edge Physiotherapy and Wellness & Cryotherapy, discusses the significance of small businesses in PT, the integration of wellness services, and the intrinsic rewards of the profession. Lastly, pediatric physical therapy expert
























Lindsey Schilberg dives into the development of a pediatric residency program, the role of evidence-based practice in pediatrics, and her work in motion analysis.























Join us for an evening of inspiration, laughter, and learning, as we delve into the stories and expertise of these remarkable individuals who are reshaping the physical therapy landscape.























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