Welcome to a captivating episode featuring Drew Contreras, VP of Clinical Integration and Innovation at APTA, as we journey through the evolving landscape of physical therapy. This discussion is a deep dive into the significant trends and technologies shaping the future of the profession in 2024 and beyond.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

    • The Impact of Digital Health Platforms: How these platforms are reshaping the way physical therapists connect with and treat patients, backed by significant investments and technological advancements.

    • The Role of AI in Physical Therapy: A comprehensive look at how artificial intelligence is supplementing the work of physical therapists by enhancing efficiency and patient outcomes.

    • Human Performance and PT’s Expanding Scope: Insights into how physical therapists are increasingly becoming integral parts of human performance teams, offering a unique blend of traditional medical knowledge and cutting-edge practices.

    • Quantifying PT’s Value in Healthcare: An exploration of new studies demonstrating the economic benefits and cost-effectiveness of physical therapy interventions.

This episode is essential listening for physical therapists, healthcare practitioners, and anyone interested in the dynamic intersection of technology and healthcare. Tune in to stay informed about the latest developments and prepare for the future of physical therapy.