In a unique twist, this PT Pintcast episode is hosted by none other than Dr. Kay Mastrocola, renowned for her work at @DPTs_With_Anxiety. Get ready for an enriching conversation on turning imposter syndrome into a growth accelerator, transforming embarrassing moments into life-changing lessons, and the strategies to proceed with ‘Unquestionable Confidence’.





Flip the Script on Imposter Syndrome: A Special PT Pintcast Episode You Can’t Miss!


Ever felt like an imposter in the world of Physical Therapy? You’re not alone.




In a special episode of PT Pintcast, we hand over the hosting reins to Dr. Kay Mastrocola, the genius behind @DPTs_With_Anxiety on social media platforms. Get ready to dig deep into:




    1. Turning Imposter Syndrome into a Catalyst for Growth: Discover how to channel your imposter syndrome into constructive self-development.



    1. Embarrassing Moments to Inspiring Life Lessons: Learn how even the most awkward moments can be transformed into powerful lessons that can inspire you and others.



    1. Mastering the Art of ‘Proceeding with Unquestionable Confidence’: An art that can be learned, and one that Dr. Kay will break down for you.




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