Are you ready to uncover the intricate layers of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) this 2024? Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned PT pro, this episode is your ultimate guide!


We’re breaking down:

🚀 The core essentials of RTM and its relevant codes.

📜 The anticipated shifts in RTM rules for 2024.

💼 Inside intel on how insurance giants play a role and which ones are doling out reimbursements.

🛠 Proven workflows that have shot clinics to success in RTM.

⏰ The real-time commitment behind managing an RTM program.

💡 Unearth the undeniable benefits RTM brings to patients, clinics, and the profession.

💰 A sneak peek into the potential earnings from diving into RTM.

🔒 Picking the right software? Ensure it’s FDA and HIPAA-approved!

📘 Plus, get exclusive access to our comprehensive e-book RTM guide!

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