Accomplished power wheelchair soccer athletes Peyton Sefick and Andrew Cunningham come together to share their invaluable insights on fostering local partnerships to bring adaptive sports programs and low-cost equipment to communities. Discover how they are breaking barriers, promoting inclusivity, and transforming lives through their passion for adaptive sports.

Episode Takeaways


      • Current assistive technology in sport

      • Grassroot programs Integrating inclusive recreation and equipment into communities

      • Access to assistive technology and mobility

      • People with disability feeling confident in accessing communities

    Two Questions


        1. Who is someone the audience should know to learn more about today’s topic? Cole Galloway – founder of Go Baby Go Program and leader in power mobility

        1. Where do you send people to learn more about power mobility? USPSA – United States Power Soccer Association, FIPFA – International

      Parting Shot

      “Be good humans, talk to each other. And always find a way to move.” – Peyton Sefick

      “Don’t judge people for what they look like. If you see someone in a wheelchair, do not make assumptions about them.” – Drew Cunningham

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