In this episode, we have special guests Nicole and Stephanie, also known as The Note Ninjas, who are occupational and physical therapists. They provide skilled care tips and documentation support to their colleagues, aiming to empower fellow PTs and OTs in their clinical settings while reducing stress and effort in documentation.

Our conversation with The Note Ninjas covers several important topics that will benefit therapists and anyone interested in healthcare. The first topic we dive into is documentation and how to avoid burnout. The Note Ninjas share valuable insights on simplifying documentation, the use of templates to document more efficiently, and the significance of keeping goals related to function. They also address the common issue of overthinking different parts of the daily note and emphasize the importance of focusing on the therapist’s skilled contributions rather than the activity itself.

They explore the art of facilitating functional treatments. The Note Ninjas discuss patient engagement, promoting patient-centered practice, and the benefits of using evidence-based articles to support interventions. Additionally, they touch on the fear that some occupational therapists may have when it comes to working on balance, as well as the role of physical therapists in toileting.

Their focus is also on the collaboration between OTs and PTs without duplicating services. The Note Ninjas emphasize the significance of effective communication between the two disciplines, share their insights on the common areas where therapists overthink, and provide examples of skilled versus unskilled activities. They highlight how collaboration enhances patient care and brings more meaning to the therapists’ work.

Throughout the episode, Nicole and Stephanie provide practical tips and strategies that will help therapists overcome documentation challenges, improve their clinical practice, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.

So why should you take your valuable time to listen to this episode? The Note Ninjas have a simple answer: because they can make documentation simple for you! By sharing their expertise and experiences, they alleviate the dread often associated with therapy documentation. They provide practical solutions and guidance that will empower you to streamline your documentation process and focus on what truly matters – delivering excellent care to your patients.

“Documentation isn’t so bad when you have the Note Ninjas to guide you.”

The Note Ninjas

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