If you’re looking for ways to reach more clients and grow your healthcare or fitness business, Youtube might just be your answer. Meet Joe Orbaczekski, a physical therapist turned Youtube sensation. He provides expert tips on how to succeed on Youtube as a healthcare or fitness professional and take your practice to the next level.

Episode Takeaways

    • What you need to get started on Youtube

    • Create multiple mini-assets of yourself

    • Understanding your audience/avatar

    • Can you hack the Youtube algorithm

    • Most important aspects to learn/know about Youtube

Three Questions

    1. Who is someone the audience should be watching on Youtube? VIDIQ

    1. What should the audience take a look at if they want a deeper dive into Youtube? Think Media on Youtube, Youtube Secrets by Sean Cannell

    1. Why should someone care about getting on Youtube? You have the greatest potential to reach the most people

Parting Shot

“Create time leveraged mini-assets that continue to bring business into your business. Youtube is the place to be.” – Joe Orbaczewski

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