Sharif Zeid from MW Therapy breaks down the NEED TO HAVES and the NICE TO HAVES for your practice EMR.

Sharif has been working within the health IT space for over 15 years spending the bulk of that working with PT practices. He is a business director at MWTherapy, which is a complete PT software package, where he works on many different things including communicating with many PTs and staff on a daily basis.

MWTherapy – Save Money With Technology

In this interview, Sharif Zeid from MW Therapy shares ideas on how technology and modern EMR’s may help practice owners reduce costs and save time in unexpected ways.

Best Physical Therapy EMR Checklist by MW Therapy

New Patient Self Admission

The MWTherapy patient portal allows patients to enter their own information directly into your EMR. It doesn’t make sense to have a new patient fill out pages of paperwork only to pay an administrative person to enter that paperwork into your EMR.

Or even worse, I know of several practices that pay the therapist to enter patient information into the EMR.

Patients are happy to simply type their information into your system and that provides your therapist to spend more direct patient care time with your patient.

Electronic File Uploads and Archives

There is no longer a reason to waste administrative time at the copy machine. Now MWTherapy allows your practice to directly upload photos of the patient’s driver’s license and insurance cards into a HIPAA secure medical record.

I can remember searching paper charts hoping to find a photocopy of an insurance card that hasn’t faded so badly that I could still decipher if the letter I need is a G or a 6.

Physical Therapist Staff Shortages

In 2022 the greatest barrier to growing a physical therapy clinic is finding physical therapists to hire. If a skilled clinician has the choice to work for a practice that still uses outdated documentation methods and is expected to take unpaid time to catch up on notes versus a clinic with state-of-the-art documentation capabilities and customizable templates that make point of service documentation easy… which position offer do you think that therapist will accept?

Your clinic’s tech stack could literally mean the difference between hiring a rock-star clinician and turning patients away because you don’t have the clinical staff to treat them.

Best Physical Therapy Software

If you are looking for the best physical therapy software on the market, I would recommend you reach out to Sharif Zeid from MW Therapy and let him know that Jimmy from PT Pintcast sent you.

When I am choosing a physical therapy EMR software I want to know the team behind the code is just as passionate as I am about delivering an amazing patient care experience.