There are several potential reasons why physical therapists may be involved in the care of patients in the emergency department (ED):

  1. To provide early intervention for patients with acute injuries or medical conditions. In many cases, early intervention by a physical therapist can help to prevent further injury or disability and can improve a patient’s chances of a successful recovery.
  2. To help patients manage pain and improve mobility. Physical therapists are experts in the evaluation and treatment of movement disorders and can help patients in the ED to manage pain and improve their mobility.
  3. To support the care of patients with chronic conditions. Physical therapists can help patients with chronic conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, to manage their symptoms and prevent complications.
  4. To improve patient outcomes and reduce the length of hospital stays. By providing early intervention and targeted treatment, physical therapists can help to improve patient outcomes and reduce the length of time patients spend in the hospital.
  5. To support the overall goals of the emergency department. Physical therapists can play a key role in supporting the overall goals of the ED, including reducing wait times, improving patient satisfaction, and managing the flow of patients through the department.