Women Can Lead March is Women’s History month.. and back in March 2022, I was asked to help co-host a great panel of women leaders with Blake Banner from Virginia. Now, I gotta be honest, I was a little nervous doing this. I mean I host things pretty often but this was a very specific and special event, taking place at a special time… and …. I was the only guy involved in the event. I was nervous cause… I DIDN’T WANNA SCREW IT UP! The purpose was to celebrate Women’s History Month. But… that’s just the beginning, I always look for the THEME that winds up magically emerging… that you NEVER planned on. What I took away from our 5 guests and their VASTLY different stories was… how vastly different their stories were. They each defined success in their end goals, and success in HOW they achieved their goals SO DIFFERENTLY. This year’s theme was “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” You get to learn from – Carmen Elliot, VP of DEI in APTA – Karen Godley, VP of Operations in VA of Select Physical Therapy – Danelle Dickson, Owner of Performance Plus Physical Therapy – Dianne Jewell, President, and CEO of Sheltering Arms Corp. and Hospital – Elizabeth Locke, Executive Director and Associate Professor of Kean University Did I decide to wait to release this as a podcast episode because… maybe we shouldn’t ONLY be celebrating women’s history in march? So we’re bringing this to you now… because right NOW, feels like a great time to celebrate women.