Greg Todd is a physical therapist, entrepreneur and coach for healthcare professionals who want to create a lifestyle career and business. He is the founder of Renewal Rehabilitation and has created his own training academy called Smart Success Healthcare to help kickstart healthcare businesses. Episode Takeaways
  • Constantly communicate with your audience and market
  • Learn the business cycle serving from you to many by building a relationship, creating sales, managing leads, and providing a service
  • You are selling as a physical therapist… all the time
  • Four things people truly value – a dream outcome, the likelihood of achieving the dream outcome, achieving in a shorter time, and how much work it will take
Three Questions
  • Who is someone the audience should follow to learn more about today’s topic? Jason Fleagle 
  • What is something the audience should take a look at if they want to take a deeper dive into some of the things we talked about today? 
  • Why should people care about this episode/topic? The reason to charge more is people take you more seriously when you charge more money
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