Adenike Atanda is a pharmacist, director of the Diabetes Self-Management Program, and certified diabetes educator with an interest in diabetes management with a focus on insulin therapy and the effects of obesity on pharmacotherapy and disease pathophysiology. Kate Taylor is a nurse practitioner working with older adults in both outpatient and home health settings. She also is the clinical executive for SafeCare Texas, a non-profit group whose goal is to eliminate preventable harm. Ken Miller is a physical therapist and assistant professor at the University of North Texas Health Science Center specializing in best practices for older adults and the home health setting to provide the highest quality of care. Teresa Wagner is a registered dietitian, expert in health literacy, and certified in lifestyle medicine, public health, patient safety and health coaching, and community health worker instructor. Her research focuses on alleviating health disparities in underserved communities through her literacy to improve population health. Episode Takeaways
  • Learn treatment options for Type II Diabetes
  • How to implement and educate through a Diabetes Self-Management Program
  • Lifestyle choices, nutrition, and physical activity for the older adult with diabetes
  • Potential outcome measures to assist the healthcare worker in identifying frailty
  • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological options for this population
  • Three things to never leave your provider’s office without knowing
    • What is my main problem?
    • What do I need to do about it?
    • Why do I need to do it?
Recommended Resources Parting Shot “My biggest message as clinicians is to leverage our strengths and to work more collaboratively with each other.” – Adenike Atanda “Make sure the instructions you provide to your patients are understandable and actionable at home.” – Teresa Wagner “ Don’t not ask questions to your patients… Until you validate what they are doing, we don’t know.” – Kate Taylor “Partner with our patients and partner with each other.” – Ken Miller Connect with the Panel Ken: Twitter Teresa: Twitter, Instagram, Website PT Pintcast is brewed by: Practice Freedom U For PT Owners who want to Treat Less, Earn More, and create the business you’ve always dreamed of. Take the Practice Quiz now to see where you stack up. Visit FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers Do you want to open a Physical Therapy Practice? Thinking about selling your practice? You should know this: on average, a private practice that joins the FYZICAL network grows more than 40%! If you’re ready to discover how the largest network of PT private practice owners are growing and adapting to industry changes, visit YOUR CBD Store – get the ABC’s of CBD at Jackson Therapy Providing awesome adventures in patient care for physical therapists who care about where they’re going! Look no further than MW Therapy An EMR is to a Physical Therapist as a Hammer is to a Carpenter. You deserve to LOVE USING IT! It’s time for something better. It’s time for something customizable. That’s where MWTherapy comes in, take a demo of their amazing EMR now at where switching your EMR is easy! FIRST ROUND  Owens Recovery Science Your single course for clinicians who want certification in Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation Training and the equipment YOU Need to apply it properly In your clinical practice. Find out where you can get certified NEXT at PARTING SHOT The Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy The leaders in orthopedic PT are the academy OF orthopedic PT, now with Current concepts of Orthopedic PT 5th edition.