Sarah Schmidt is a physical therapist honored to spend the last 3 years of her career as an embedded tactical physical therapist for military special warfare. She is passionate about preventative care and challenging her PT skills with integrated resiliency work. Starting the episode, Srah emphasizes why a multidisciplinary team is essential to increasing your knowledge base and improving patient outcomes. Resilience is taken to a new level when working in a team setting both physically and mentally. Sarah became certified in battlefield acupuncture and noticed a strong cross-over between the physical and mental benefits to create resilience for the tactical athlete. Episode Takeaways
  • Learn about battlefield acupuncture, why to incorporate this technique, how to use it, and the positive mental outcomes
  • Resiliency training makes for a better warfighter
  • Multi-disciplinary resiliency and the importance of team integration with a high-level tactical population
  • Who is part of the special warfare team
  • The day to day life of a special warfare PT
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