Sandy Arthur is a doctor of chiropractic and artist who combined her background in the arts and her love for anatomy to create SandySpines selling art prints as a student and now a chiropractor. Sandy enjoys using art to better her practice. Choosing between careers, she found her passion to be helping others and went to Palmer College of Chiropractic, though something was still missing. Practicing watercolor art to help her learn anatomy for school, posting her art on Instagram led her to others wanting to buy her work. Check out Sandy Spines and fill your walls with colorful anatomy art 🎨 PARTING SHOT 47:47 “Don’t be afraid to fail because you are going to.” – Sandy Arthur PT Pintcast is brewed by: Practice Freedom U Practice Freedom UFor PT Owners who want to Treat Less and Earn More.And create the business you’ve always dreamed of. Take the Practice Quiz now to see where you stack up: FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers Do you want to open a Physical Therapy Practice? Thinking about selling your practice? You should know this: on average, a private practice that joins the FYZICAL network grows more than 40%! If you’re ready to discover how the largest network of PT private practice owners are growing and adapting to industry changes, visit CBD RX 4 U .com YOUR CBD Store – get the ABCs of CBD at MW Therapy An EMR is to a Physical Therapist as a Hammer is to a Carpenter. You deserve to LOVE USING IT! It’s time for something better. It’s time for something customizable. That’s where MWTherapy comes in, take a demo of their amazing EMR now at where switching your EMR is easy! Owens Recovery Science Your single course for clinicians who want certification in Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation Training and the equipment YOU Need to apply it properly In your clinical practice. Find out where you can get certified NEXT at The Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy The leaders in orthopedic PT are the academy OF orthopedic PT, now with Current concepts of Orthopedic PT 5th edition.