F Scott Feil is a physical therapist, professor, student loan and business coach, and author. His goal is to help at least 222 healthcare clinicians and professors pay off their student loans quicker and more efficiently. 

With the amount of student loan debt in today’s world, F Scott recommends all PT clinicians look for a certified financial advisor to assist with planning loan repayment. Salaries for physical therapists do not match the cost of education for the DPT degree. 

F Scott has found other streams of income by finding ways to distribute knowledgeable content on financial education and student loan planning. He writes books and blogs, holds online courses for eliminating debt, and coaches/consults business professionals in addition to his career as an academic professor. 

Check out his book PT Educator’s Student Debt Eliminator to get tips and ideas on how to gain multiple revenues of income to pay off student debt.

The HET Podcast (Healthcare Education Transformation) educates those looking for a change from seasoned PT to academia. 


57:48 “Physical therapy should only be the tip of our iceberg. The key to that is to not be afraid to be different but be afraid to be the same as everyone.” – F Scott Feil 

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