Ellen Hillegass, Kathleeen Lukaszewicz, and Michael Puthoff – physical therapists and educators on everything cardiopulmonary here to discuss the new Venous Thromboembolism Guidelines. The original VTE Guidelines was created in 2016. New guidelines to be published in spring 2022 with acceptance in the PTJ adding special populations, UE DVT, PE, and COVID cases, screening and appropriate risk assessment tools. Guideline Central is in development of a pocket guide with the VTE Guideline key action statements, tables, and figures. If attending CSM in San Antonio, attend the Cardiopulmonary session “Help! My Patient May Have a Venous Thromboembolism. What Do I Do?” PARTING SHOT 54:11 “We’re excited to have things published. Hopefully, in a couple of months it is out there in your hands.” – Mike Puthoff 54:31 “You need to look for significant people who can contribute regularly and who are fun to be with.” – Ellen Hillegass 55:51 “Whoever is listening, get the app. It is going to be there for you and it will make our patients more healthy.” – Kathy Lukazewicz