Ellen Anderson and Lori Zucker are physical therapists and business partners of PT Cannabis Info who believe everyone should know the REAL DEAL about cannabis. From writing book chapters to teach in continuing education courses nationally and internationally, they are passionate about bringing a new perspective to physical therapists on the use of medical marijuana inpatient and healthcare education. Ellen and Lori break down the difference between medical and adult-use marijuana and they seem synonymous but have different purposes. With the rise in CBD and THC for treating pain, Ellen and Lori give specific conditions and purposes to either recommend or educate about using marijuana. As marijuana continues to be a new tool as healthcare treatment for patients, Ellen and Lori describe the potential adverse effects and drug interactions that a physical therapist should keep in mind. For more information on cannabis, check out the Legality of cannabis by U.S. jurisdiction. PARTING SHOT 44:37 “Given the need to provide all people with the cannabis that they need to manage their health conditions. There is not enough weed in New Jersey.” – Ellen Anderson 45:05 “You got to have an open mind. There are patients for whom cannabis is a hugely helpful medication.” – Lori Zucker