Edwin Porras and Mark Agholor are both physical therapists who are looking for the next injury to watch and decipher. They may be talking about fake football but the real discussion is the injuries. They give their backstory of entering the fantasy reporting world and how other therapists can join. Edwin and Mark want you to take from this episode the inner workings of the people whose updates YOU rely on each week. Register for the Northeast Physical Therapy Conference today! Available for 365 days. Social Media Mark @MarktheDPT Edwin @FbInjuryDoc Website: fantasypoints.com Podcast: Injury Prone Fantasy Football Podcast PARTING SHOT 38:58 “Whether you’re a fantasy manager or whatever you do in the fantasy space, do remember that the players are people.” – Mark Agholor 40:32 “Care about people, strive for excellence, and suck less today than you did yesterday.” – Edwin Porras