Melanie Sallas is the Student Outreach Coordinator at Fusion Medical Staffing. She joined the Fusion team working with students, new grads and first-time travelers. Melanie is a great resource for all those interested in travel therapy after graduation or anytime in your career. 

She gives the updates on where, why, and how a new graduate PT can be successful as a travel physical therapist. Current travel therapists Duncan and Karen demonstrate why travel therapy is a great choice for therapists who may not know exactly what area to pursue after graduation. 

Top Questions Fusion will ask:

  • What are your top 5 geographical locations?
  • What is your setting of choice?
  • When do you want to start? 

If you are a new grad physical therapist, check out on Twitter @FusionNewGrad1. If you are looking into travel physical therapy, Fusion can get you there. 

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35:42 “If you’re ever interested to reach out to us even now because we are having start dates come out now for 2022.” – Melanie Sallas 

36:15 “Just go for it.” – Duncan Brown 

37:00 “I love doing travel. You just have to find routine in your day to day. It’s totally possible,” – Karen Ault