Cait McGee, Matthew Hwu, and Kevin Ho are physical therapists, esport specialists and work at 1-HP, a company that provides health and performance services to players, teams, and school esport programs. 

They recently released the JOSPT article “More Than a Game: Musculoskeletal Injuries and a Key Role for the Physical Therapist in Esports.” This is a huge step forward in the esport industry as it continues to grow in the physical therapy field. 

You will learn the current landscape of esport rehab, conditions that arise in the esport athlete such as tendinopathy (which is the most prevalent esport condition. Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), rehab management, and interesting cases. 

Physical therapists are needed in this population because of overuse injuries, poor conditioning, technique, and ergonomics while gaming in these athletes. 

If you are interested in the video gaming industry and being surrounded by the pro scene, check out 1-HP and Youtube channel. Also Kevin “down under” at


51:11 “I am happy to chat with people about esports if you are interested.” – Kevin Ho

51:22 “Reminder, it is not carpal tunnel syndrome with anyone working with gamers.” – Matthew Hwu

51:52 “Self-care is about building escapes from your life. Self-care is building the kind of life you don’t feel you need to escape from. You have enough balance that you feel comfortable being in it and being out of it.” – Cait McGee