<iframe src=”https://player.blubrry.com/id/83052757#” title=”Blubrry Podcast Player” scrolling=”no” width=”100%” height=”138px” frameborder=”0″></iframe>   From no job to 50K in 14 months, this pelvic physical therapist made it happen. Kelly Alhooie left her full-time job to start a business. She is the owner of OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy, opening her own private practice in the times of COVID. Kelly tells her story of working as a full-time physical therapist to jumping into going all into starting her business. While beginning her business journey during COVID, Kelly needed to market herself to her community with minimal financial assistance. She has learned through this process the traits required to start a business and become a business owner. Not only does it include understanding your why but she emphasizes the importance of believing in yourself. Look no further than OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy to learn about the success of starting a business during COVID. PARTING SHOT 32:13 “If you’re ever thinking about starting a practice, the time is now.” – Kelly Alhooie