Cait McGee is a physical therapist and co-owner/Esports Medicine Director of 1-HP. Lindsey Migliore is a licensed physician in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the founder of GamerDoc. Both are co-editors to the Handbook of Esport Medicine and serve for the Annals of Esports Research.




With the recent publication of the Handbook of Esport Medicine, Cait and Lindsey dive into the current research in esports and the current state of esports medicine. They lay out the issues and barriers to treatment to esport athletes as well as dispelling stereotypes labeled to the eport athlete.




From their current research, more research is needed as esports is a fast-growing community. Physical therapists are on the front lines to meet the needs of esport competitors.








54:20 “Take a risk and do the big broad strokes kind of thing.” – Cait McGee




55:00 “Give less craps of what other people think of you.” – Lindsey Migliore (AKA GamerDoc)



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