Carmen Elliott is APTA’s Vice President of diversity, equity, and inclusion and executive director for the PT Fund. She is an expert in leading high-performance teams, developing strategy, and articulating the mission and vision to achieve organizational goals. Let’s say she has a passion for people.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have increased as a topic of discussion over the last year. With this, Carmen inspires others to promote diversity and health equity among all to create a sense of belonging. Recruiting students early improves the overall impact of growing DEI into PT clinics and other PT-related environments.

She encourages all to become leaders in this area for PTs to be at the forefront of building inclusive communities for all.

Check out APTA’s strategies to promote and increase awareness of DEI.


45:58 “Choose curiosity over judgment.” – Carmen Elliott

46:38 “Mentors advise you but sponsors they advocate for you.” – Carmen Elliott

47:12 “I view DEI as a journey and we learn it from each other as we take this journey together.” – Carmen Elliott