Carrie Callahan and Jessica Goodine are physical therapists who have dedicated their careers to SCI rehabilitation. They are co-founders of Empower Spinal Cord Injury, running residential rehabilitation programs in New York and Montana each summer to provide outdoor adaptive sports for those with SCI. We also have Stephanie Romano, assistant director of Empower SCI and Eli Ramos, and Tony Chamberlain who participate with Empower. The panel dives into the variety of adaptive sports that are not only beneficial for but possible for the SCI population. Within their non-profit organization, they created an atmosphere for those who had a SCI to empower themselves and others to participate in the community. They explain these sports and activities can be integrated into one’s plan of care to improve the functionality and mobility of this population. Find out more about Empower Spinal Cord Injury and volunteer with Empower in the future! Looking for a FREE Giveaway?! Sponsor of the show Fusion Medical Staffing giving away free Fusion swag and a $50 Amazon gift card. Winners announced on August 27 on the Fusion-U Facebook page! PARTING SHOT 1:14:59 “Empower is the antonym of disability.” – Jess Goodine 1:15:12 “If you build it, they will come.” – Carrie Callahan 1:15:30 “The concept of the world may be made better by human effort.” – Steph Romano 1:15:50 “If you coach me, I will learn. Challenge me, I will grow. Believe in me and I will win.” – Tony Chamberlain