Marc Manganaro is the Therapy Division Manager at Fusion Medical Staffing helping outstanding travelers start their adventures in therapy jobs around the country. Mike Flynn is the Therapy Team Lead at Fusion Medical Staffing and knows all things about the West Coast if you are a curious healthcare traveler. 



With the travel market drastically increasing over the last 4 months, Marc and Mike want to make aware of the travel opportunities to hit the road in travel therapy. There is a multitude of settings open to travelers with locations across the country.



They describe the job application timeline to start your travel therapy adventure. With packages available for travelers, Marc and Mike describe the type of job transparency Fusion Medical Staffing offers their travelers.



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37:36 “Over 45 years of experience, they’re going to be able to lead you in the right direction, set the expectations, let you know what’s happening with a crazy, very good traveling market.” – Marc Manganar


38:52 “There’s a lot of curiosity out there. With the market being the way it is right now, you can’t really go wrong.” – Mike Flynn