David Meyer is a physical therapist and former MLB rehabilitation & medical coordinator. He is the author of his book Injured to Elite and host of the Injured to Elite Podcast. He has developed a mental approach to rehabilitation raising awareness to the mental side after injury. David has gone outside of the box as a healthcare professional to integrate mental health awareness into practice. He believes there is a large distinction between the information we learn in physical therapy school versus what we face in the real world. He had this vision to work as a physical therapist in the MLB. As he formerly did, he found the dilemma and identity crisis athletes face between their physical and mental health. He is passionate about knowing and owning your mission while staying authentic to your message. Balancing content creation, marketing, and social media outreach, he has developed strategies for brand awareness. This has helped him ultimately write his own book Injured to Elite and host his Podcast Injured to Elite Podcast. Look into becoming a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC). Listen to Part 1 of Injured to Elite FREE. Full book here. PARTING SHOT 42:52 “I think it’s just very important to start right now whether working on your podcast idea, writing an E-book. You’re not too early in your process to do it.” – David Meyer