Dee Kornetti and Cindy Krafft are the experts in Maintenance Therapy. They are the owners and founders of Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions advocating for Maintenance therapy services. Dee and Cindy are the authors of The Guide to Delivery of Home-Based Maintenance Therapy providing information and advice for maintenance therapy care. The Kornetti and Kraft crew discuss what is maintenance therapy and why therapists need to become the advocate for these available services. Their book The Guide to Delivery of Home-Based Maintenance Therapy contains regulator information, advice, and documentation for Medicare Part A/B beneficiaries. As a woman and therapist-owned company, Kornetti & Kraft Health Care Solutions deliver training and resources to keep you compliant while maximizing income and revenue for your home health care business. PARTING SHOT 51:11 “Quit asking why? Ask yourself why not? Just do it.” – Dee Kornetti 51:21 “Maintenance therapy is part of the Medicare benefit policy manual. Your patient is entitled to it. So get out of your own way and make it happen.” – Cindy Krafft