Amy Lafko is a keynote speaker, author, consultant, founder, and CEO of Cairn Consulting Solutions developing leaders and teams through training programs and advisory work. She lives by 2 mottos: “Grow Your People to Grow Your Business” and “Every Problem is a Chance to Build a Relationship.”

She begins by defining a business team and how to grow the people within it. With these people, it is an opportunity to build relationships and create plans to tackle conflicts and even failure. Amy believes failure is an option and uses tools to view failure as the opportunity it is.

She emphasizes the impact putting people first has on clinical practice from people-centered healthcare. She briefly describes examples of people-first practices for you to integrate into your practice tomorrow.

Find Amy Lafko at Cairn Consulting Solutions to grow your people and grow your practice. Pre-order Amy’s book today – People First: A Proven Method for an Exceptional Healthcare Practice.