Deidra Debnam is a sports physical therapist, adjunct instructor at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, serves as a delegate to the APTA HOD, and is the Centennial Scholar for the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy (AASPT). She is committed to professional service, community service, and promoting diversity within the PT profession, increasing awareness about PT among minorities and the general public.

She heightens physical therapists to play a role in increasing student exposure to physical therapy, public health and DEI efforts to advance the physical therapy profession.

While serving on the DEI committee for the AASPT, she conducted research with members to compare APTA to other healthcare organizations. This opportunity led to her strategizing actionable ways to increase DEI efforts.

As a minority PT herself, Deidra believes the future of DEI is the increase and inclusion of minority students in healthcare and addressing health disparities.


36:49 “You don’t have to have a PhD to make a difference in the space of DEI. You really just have to have a heart for it.” – Deidra Debnam