Agnes McConlogue Ferro is a physical therapist, Kay Gayner is an associate artistic director and both co-founders of the National Dance Institute DREAM Project which is an inclusive dance program for children with and without disabilities. They are passionate for advocating for children, equity, anti-racism and social justice. 

They discuss NDI’s DREAM project going virtual has improved the inclusion and participation of students during a pandemic. While serving a wide range of pediatric diagnoses, Agnes and Kay have created a workout to bring together children, artists and PTs to brighten creativity in this population.

They brought their DREAM Teacher Training virtual and want to increase PT’s and artists to create and start programs in their own communities to improve the participation of children with the arts.

The philosophy of NDI is to let every child have opportunities to participate in the arts and educate on the WHY and HOW of inclusion in the arts.

Check out Agnes and Kay at the National Dance Institute.


48:10 “I would love the students to realize ‘it depends’ is a gift. It is not something to fear, it is something to work towards and work in and be a part of. Never ever doubt that the most important part of your practice is really the person in front of you.” – Agnes McConlogue Ferro

48:46 “You do you.” – Kay Gayner