Ember Ryals is an active duty physical therapist serving for over 18 years in the Army and Air Force. Ember has deployed in support of wartime and humanitarian missions. He has also taught dry needling courses to physical therapists around the world. We begin with describing the benefits of a physical therapist in the military and the privileges that come with being active duty. One factor he concentrates on is when in the military, you are an officer first and clinician second. Rising in the ranks, he describes leadership opportunities available for physical therapists as we are good at leading, managing, and executing. Educational opportunities are available in the military including manual, sports med, and tactical sports med fellowships and PhD programs. Check out more information on how to become involved in federal medical services at APTA Federal Physical Therapy Section. PARTING SHOT 34:45 “If it is not illegal, it’s not immoral, and it’s not unethical, go and try it.” – Ember Ryals