Greg Todd is a physical therapist, entrepreneur and coach for healthcare professionals who want to create a lifestyle career and business. He helped thousands of physical therapists stop trading time for money and start their first business. 

Physical therapists are known to enter the profession through passion of the work but Greg emphasizes money is just as important. He breaks down his advice and techniques to earn more money while working less. 

Greg created a lifestyle business which follows his passion toward helping other physical therapists reach their full potential and avoiding burnout. 

He defines the four levels of value: implementation, unification, communication, imagination. We get the scope of who makes up each level, why you make the money you do in each level, and how to advance to the next.  

Check out Greg’s coaching strategies to begin your business. Do not miss SSHC Live 2021 June 5-6 in Orlando, FL. Sign up today! 


50:28 “What has changed for myself is I have allowed myself to no longer settle, to aim higher, to shoot for the stars.” – Greg Todd