Bryan Williams is a physical therapist and CEO of Concierge Physical Therapist which is a cash based practice and provides mobile physical therapy services. 


He discusses the current practice of cash-based clinical practices and how mobile services work to provide high quality of care. Since the rise of COVID, Bryan explains how he adjusted to treating as a mobile PT. Bryan believes physical therapists should seek ways to gain multiple sources of income. 


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38:13 “There needs to be some different thinking in the social media circle about how the profession can be presented.” – Bryan Williams 




9:50 “With any service business, which we are in, it’s about building relationships.” – Bryan Williams 

19:08 “We’re at least 50% psychologists more than physical therapists.” – Bryan Williams 

20:16 “We bring the outpatient clinic to your house.” – Bryan Williams  

25:55 “To be a successful physical therapist, you have to communicate clearly, you have to communicate well, and you have to communicate honestly.” – Bryan Williams 

28:08 “The message that clearly communicates one thing is infidelity better than the message that fails to communicate five things.” – Jimmy McKay