Live from Ithaca College in New York featuring Chuck Ciccone, Tayo Akinboboye, Jill Mayer, Carrie Callahan, and Barb Belyea. This is part 1 of 2 Chuck is passionate about teaching, and loves to find ways to make complex topics (pharmacology, physiology) understandable and relevant to clinicians. His textbook has an AMAZING 4.7 stars ranking on Amazon. Check out the famous Pharmacology in Rehabilitation. He also was the moderate at APTA NEXT Oxford Debate in 2019. Tayo is a student physical therapist that strives to empower the students that will carry the future of our profession. A communicator that enjoys active listening and letting people have their voices heard. Currently, Tayo is the VP of Ithaca College Physical Therapy Students of Color and Nominating Committee Chair-Elect of APTA’s Student Assembly Board of Directors. PT Pintcast Store