Heather Jennings is a board-certified specialist in neurologic PT who provides care for veterans with SCI by empowering them to maintain their highest quality of life and function. She currently serves as a director on the APTA’s Board of Directors. Physical therapists are well known for their high engagement in extra activities outside of clinic care. In Heather’s TEDstyle talk, she emphasizes the importance of integrating yourself in different areas in the physical therapy profession and joining what means most to you. Physical therapists are determined to excel in their work but Heather describes why “you” time is just as important if not more. She describes the difference between FOMO (fear of missing out) versus JIMO (joy in missing out). Joy in missing out fosters creativity and success. Follow Heather on Twitter at @HeathJenningsPT and see how she has become a leader in physical therapy at APTA. PARTING SHOT 31:35 “Stop booking your unscheduled time. Find the joy in missing out. Learn how to say no. Practice some self-compassion because it’s always a work in progress.” – Heather Jennings