Stacey Fitzsimmons is the owner of Account Matters which is a company on a mission to provide outstanding administrative support to PTs & OTs nationwide, allowing therapists to get paid right the first time for their services. 

When a patient first enters a clinic, who do they first encounter? Your front desk person. Stacey emphasizes the importance of the role of the front desk in scheduling, billing, insurance, and clinic organization.

Stacey believes a clinic owner can continue to have control of billing functions even when outsourced. She discusses what business owners should look for in their agreement with a billing company and how to research companies before outsourcing. She lists the questions to ask a billing company to verify the company’s accounts are properly managed.

Check our Stacey at Account Matters to learn why your admin and billing are essential components to your business today. 


44:05 “If you want to grow your business, learn the admin side and get paid right the first time, reach out to me.” – Stacey Fitzsimmons