Erik Meira is an educator, clinician, advocate, thinker, the current representative at larger for the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy, the founder of the PT Podcast Network and the host of PT Inquest

He recently sold his practice to focus on continuing education and professional development. His new course concentrates on evidence based practice and foundations of physical therapy. 

During CSM, Erik holds a recurring session “The Many Faces of Sports Physical Therapy.” He describes sport physical therapists in many PT settings and not only focused on treatment to sport teams. 

Erik is currently running for the president-elect position for APTA American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy and discusses his plans and goals.

Check out Erik’s website for his podcast, continuing education courses, and consulting in sports physical therapy. 


58:41 “Always be questioning what you know and what you believe. Always understand that there are other viewpoints. Always try to get a sense of why someone will believe the thing that they believe.” – Erik Meira