Lisa VanHoose, Rupal Patel, Steph Long, Mark Milligan, and Chris Barnes physical therapists who challenge our profession, our society, and our world on racism and DEI. 

This episode was created from a tweet and podcast from JAMA. The tweet caused backlash on social media and from members of the medical community and public. 

The panel discusses their thoughts, reactions, but mainly questioned the tweet. They discuss topics such as levels of racism, the existence of structural racism, biases to healthcare, and lack of competence expressing racism in healthcare. 

Physical therapists stand in an excellent spot to take ownership and teach others about the issues that currently exist involving racism. The panel agrees there needs to be a motivation to change the view of the healthcare system so all people are treated and care for equally. 

To create change for the future, physical therapists are at the forefront to educate children about the PT profession, PT efforts to racism, and how to create future leaders to ultimately gain followers in combating structural racism. The physical therapy profession cannot create outside change if it does not recognize its own biases. 

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“Even in the anger that I have, I have to honor the normalcy for which marginalized people live.” – Mark Milligan 

“This is not being talked about in other places.” – Chris Barnes

“Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but to change ourselves.” – Rupal Patel 

“Let’s make this a better place for the generations to come.” – Steph Long

“We are already connected biologically. Once we figure out we are connected socially, that we are our brothers, our sisters, our other human keepers, then we can fix this thing.” – Lisa VanHoose