Uchenna Ossai is a pelvic physical therapist, professor at University of Texas Austin Dell Medical School and founder of a sex education platform called You See Logic (Youseelogic, LLC) 

Uchenna uses her social media platforms @youseelogic to provide pelvic/sexual health education and answer questions for people in a comfortable space. 

She recommends for therapists to form a sex team to treat and educate needed for patients in their sexual health. She highlights people who have a sexual dysfunction will view their own health lower than a person without a sexual dysfunction. 

Uchenna describes intersectionality as power structures that intersect to impact people’s health in various ways. Teaching intersectionality starts with foundational knowledge as topics related to a person’s health impacts their behavior and response to health. In the clinic, ask your patients  the real life events that can affect them directly (racism, sexism, other factors related to social determinants of equity). 

She questions how to create workplaces that are equitable and also inclusive. If work places already begin with exclusion, the problem is coming from the root of the company. She recommends for individuals in a company to understand their own power to create change in a company’s values. 

To learn more about this topic, Uchenna recommends listening to Allegories on Race & Racism TED Talk. 

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59:05 “Learning about racism and sexy time is a process. You’ll always learn something new.” – Uchenna Ossai