What Every Physical Therapist Should Know About Vestibular Rehab

Danielle Tate and Abbie Ross are both vestibular physical therapists at Balancing Act Rehab providing vestibular telehealth treatment and hosts of the podcast “Talk Dizzy To Me”, the basics you need to know but also the complexities of vestibular rehab. Danielle created Vestibular Today to provide evidenced-based vestibular resources for patients and professionals.

Abbie started a vestibular therapy company via telehealth to treat patients all over the country , increasing access to care, and providing treatment she believes patients deserve.

Danielle and Abbie talk through the prevalence of vestibular dysfunction and conditions commonly seen in the clinic or telehealth (BPPV, vestibular migraine, post-concussion, balance dysfunction). 

They discuss research related to treatment for this population that extends beyond treating using the Epley maneuver. The guests emphasize that our inner ear is made up of 3 canals and each should be checked with testing. 

If interested in how you can add vestibular therapy into your practice, check our Vestibular Today which provides research, resources, and education for the treating therapist. 

Listen to Abbie and Danielle on Talk Dizzy to Me Podcast. 


59:13 “Get into vestibular therapy. Just get into it. Get comfortable with it.” – Danielle Tate

59:40 “Persevere because you will not know everything in the vestibular world.” – Abbie Ross