Leslie Bonci is a registered dietitian and sports nutrition consultant to the Kansas City Chiefs, lecturer for the DPT program at the University of Pittsburgh, founder of her blog Active Eating Advice, and co-founder of a sport nutrition consulting group called Performance 365.

Leslie begins with emphasising nutrition does have a role in PT’s scope of practice as we help prepare our patients for recovery. PT’s can improve PT outcomes by integrating nutrition therapy. 

Integrating rehabilitation nutrition, Leslie recommends to ask these questions to your patients to learn about their diet habits: When? What? How much? 

As society has found ways to learn from diet trends, nutrition myths were established which may not meet end health and nutritions goals. Leslie identifies what foods do not cause extra inflammation, what foods do help, and why food should be part of the healing plate to recover from injury. 

In the future, physical therapists and registered dietitians should increase collaboration to optimize nutrition therapy for patients.

Check out Leslie teaching on Medbridge with new released nutrition courses! 

PARTING SHOT46:05 “Food is what unites us. It should not divide us.” – Leslie Bonci